Beating Bill Book
Beating Bill Book
Beating Bill Book
Beating Bill Book
Beating Bill Book

Beating Bill Book


“You get the job done or you don’t” - Bill Belichick

This book definitely gets the job done, and is the perfect gift for any Patriots fan or hater. The Beating Bill Book from Barstool Sports.

Beating Bill covers what NFL coaches know about beating Belichick in the following categories: 

Personnel, Scripted Openers, Play-Action Pass, Special Teams, 3rd Down, Two-Minute Offense, Blitzes, Red Zone , Two-Point Plays, Goal Line

Paperback: 256 pages 


Real Reviews about a mostly blank book

“First book I’ve ever read in one sitting.” - Rob Gronkowski 

“Not sure how you guys got your hands on this information. I will say, though, it’s 100% true.” - Julian Edelman, New England Patriots 

“As an avid Barstool reader for more than a decade, I know better than most that the site is juvenile, idiotic and often embarrassing. However, this book is surprisingly free of flaws. Great work.” - Ian Rappaport, NFL Network

“It takes genius to know genius.” - Todd McShay, ESPN Analyst


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