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Not Your Mother's Cookbook

Not Your Mother's Cookbook
Barstool Sports

Not Your Mother's Cookbook



Not Your Mother's Cookbook from Barstool Sports' Chef Donny is a revolutionary new cookbook that will teach you how to cook from the ground up. Traditional cookbooks are weighed down with fancy terms and difficult instructions. Most of the time you’ll read a recipe that is way too complex and quit before even getting started. Those books assume you already know how to cook, they don’t teach you the underlying techniques and methods needed to cook. It’s time for a cookbook that bypasses all the bullshit. Something easy; something that anyone can pick up and use regardless of experience level.


This cookbook will provide you with the very basics of how to cook, building in complexity as you go. You'll learn about what seasoning and spices do to food, what equipment is essential to have in your kitchen, as well as what cooking techniques to use when. This book is packed with simple recipes and QR codes that will provide you with short videos to help hammer home the techniques being taught.


Not Your Mother's Cookbook is the best way to kickstart your journey into the culinary world. Once read, you will be confident in the kitchen and you will possess the necessary skills and knowledge to take on any recipe out there.


- 191 pages

- Over 60 delicious recipes from Chef Donny and 23 recipes from your favorite Barstool personalities.

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