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One Ugly Sweater Everybody Knows The Rules

Alright Frankie, where can you buy a pizza themed ugly sweater for this winter? Frankie, where can you buy one?! The Barstool Sports Store, and the One Bite Collection will meet all of your pizza merch needs this holiday season.

One Ugly Sweater Everybody Knows The Rules, so here are 5 of the best One Bite Ugly Sweaters this holiday season, because everybody knows the rules.


  • 1. One Bite V2 Ugly Sweater
  • Really good crisp to this one here Frankie. Just like the plain slice, this is the gold medal sweater right here. You know where your mind is going right now, do you put this in the pantheon with the likes of Johns of Bleecker and Sauce Pizzeria? Yup, it’s that good. 

    One Bite Everybody Knows The Rules Ugly Sweater Review: 9.4


    2. Alright Frankie Ugly Sweater

    Alright Frankie, this is your sweater here, so let’s hope this review goes better than the one at Borrellis. One of the most popular sweaters on the Barstool Sports Store, let’s see if it lives up the hype. Oh yeah, it’s light, it’s clean, really good sweater here Frankie. 

    Alright Frankie Ugly Sweater Review: 9.2


    3. New York Flop Ugly Sweater

    Look at the New York Flop on this sweater Frankie! Surprisingly, the sweater is Actually Good, so your mind is in a pretzel right now on how to score this Ugly Sweater. Would like to see some more crisp, but overall this is a solid sweater right here. 

    New York Flop Ugly Sweater Review: 8.6


    4. One Bite 2018 Ugly Sweater

    This is one of those classic Ugly Sweaters right here Frankie. You see the shark, like in Jaws, they have feelings too ya know. This may surprise to you Frankie, but this is a really good ugly sweater. This may be the highest score we’ve ever given out in a One Bite Ugly Sweater review.

    One Bite 2018 Ugly Sweater Review: 9.6


    5. One Bite Statue Ugly Sweater


    Frankie, this is what people from Italia like to call, a fancy ugly sweater. I mean look how beautiful this sweater is right here, you have pizza, and a Top 100 face all in one ugly sweater. This has never done before, except for maybe a Tostito pizza roll, but there is no other score that would do this sweater justice.

    One Bite Statue Ugly Sweater Review: 10.0

     For all of your pizza merch needs, head to the One Bite Collection on the Barstool Sports Store where you can find more Ugly Sweaters, as well as One Bite Tees, Hats, and Decorations.

    Once you have all of your One Bite merch, be sure to download the One Bite App so you can find the best pizza in your neighborhood, and watch all of Dave’s pizza reviews.  

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